Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Advert: Walkers SunBites

The latest Walkers product, SunBites, promises that it 'provides more than 1/3 of the suggested daily amount of wholegrains'. This advertising is the first reference to a suggested daily amount of wholegrains that I have ever seen. I assume that this campaign comes from an advertising agency that also works for a brewer. At a brainstorming session for this brewer, one junior advertiser must have joked to the girl beside him that the slogan should be, 'Gin: one bottle provides more than 100% of your suggested daily intake'. That's obviously a rubbish idea, but like a fertilised egg to a thick uterine lining would it be to an advertising executive's thick spongiform mind. It would implant itself, gestate, and be born the moment he exhausted his creatives' output in a client meeting, like Monkey Tennis. I wish I had come up with the idea.

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