Saturday, 1 March 2008

Grazia: 3 March 2008

In the 3 March Grazia, Piers Morgan 'reveals the big names he rates ... and hates'. One of those he rates is Gordon Ramsay. Why? 'He doesn't text, send emails, buy flowers, or recite slushy poetry. But he can kill a deer with his bare hands, skin it, then cook a delicious venison dish with the meat. What girl wouldn't melt for a man who can do that?' Er, most. Is there anything less appealing that a man who kills beautiful animals with his hands? Well, a man who kills beautiful animals with his hands and then boasts about it. If you want to impress people, kill a fierce lion with your hands. Actually, forget that; killing lions is not cool. Gordon and Piers, why not try strangling some jellyfish instead? That would be a decidedly more useful pursuit than punching Bambi in her doe-eyed face.

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